How to pack your bike in our bag...


What you need

  • Your bike!
  • TraVelo bike bag
  • Allen keys
  • Pedal wrench
  • Plastic bag for keeping bits and pieces together (pedals, skewers, etc)
  • Bubble wrap (if you want to keep your bike extra safe)


Step 1: Prepare the bike

  1. Before you get started, we recommend giving your bike a good clean to prevent your hands and clothing from getting dirty, and to keep our bags clean.  The added bonus is your bike arriving at your destination looking shiny and new!
  2. Remove your wheels and store the skewers in the plastic bag. Release air pressure from your tyres.
  3. Remove pedals with a pedal wrench and store them in the plastic bag so they don’t get lost. Remove the handlebar.
  4. You may need to lower your saddle to fit your bike in the bag. Don’t forget to mark your seat height on the seat post so you can easily return it to your preferred height.
  5. Whilst it’s not essential, we recommend you remove the rear derailleur and wrap it in bubble wrap.   


Step 2: Prepare the bag

The bike travel bag comes with some stabilizers: four fiberglass rods and two plastic tubes. The fiberglass rods need to be inserted into the two channels at the front and back of the bag to help the bag stand upright. The plastic rods need to be inserted into the channels in the wheel pockets to give your wheels extra protection.


Step 3: Pack the bike

  1. Wrap frame pad around top tube and down tube. Attach handlebars to the frame pad.
  2. Insert the forks into the padded adaptor and secure it to the frame with the straps.
  3. Place bike inside the bag, adjusting the padded block so that the bottom bracket sits on the reinforced area. 
  4. Secure the bike inside the bag using the Velcro straps. There are straps for securing the handlebars and forks.
  5. Place wheels into bike compartments on each side of the bag.

For peace of mind, use bubble wrap to add some extra protection to your bike – particularly the derailleur.


Check this out...

 For step-by-step instructions on how to pack your bike in our bags, take a look at this great video by Tim at VeloNomad: