Do you rent soft or hard bags?

All our bags are soft Evoc bike travel bags. We've been renting these bags since 2013 and no customer has ever reported any damage to their bike - the Evoc bike travel bag is simply the best.

Do all bikes fit in Evoc bike bags?

Evoc bike bags will fit road bikes (frames up to 60cm), mountain bikes (including downhill bikes and 29ers), time-trial bikes and cyclocross bikes. 

What about road bikes with an integrated seat post (ISP)?

Generally, Evoc bike bags can fit bikes with an ISP as long as the height of the bike measures less than 80cm from the bottom bracket to the top of the seat post (saddle removed).

How many bags do you have available?

We have five regular Evoc bags and one Pro bag. If you need to book more than one bag, book early, particularly if you trip falls on a long weekend or holiday period.

Any bike bags for sale?

Occasionally we sell pre-loved Evoc bike bags. Email us if you're interested.

How long can bike bags be hire for?

Minimum hire is seven days (not nights!). Your booking starts from the day you collect your bag and ends the day you return it. Please allow time to pack and unpack your bag when making your booking.

What happens if a bag is damaged or lost?

From when you take possession of the bike bag, you are responsible for the safe keeping of the bike bag and its accessories (frame pad, fork adaptor, etc). In the case of any loss or damage to our bag/s, you may be charged for the cost of a new bag as outlined in our terms and conditions.

What happens if a bike is damaged?

It is your responsibility to obtain appropriate insurance to cover you in the unlikely event that your bike is damaged whilst transported. We take no responsibility for the safety of your bike. 

How much does it cost to hire a TraVelo bike bag?

Bike bags are available to hire from just $90 for 7 days. 

Where can bike bags be collected from?

TraVelo bike bags are available for collection from a residential address in Thornbury. You'll need to confirm your collection time in advance. 

How much do the bags weigh?

Evoc bike bags weigh around 9kg, the Pro bag is around 8kg. A road bike packed in an Evoc bike bag, together with your helmet shoes and other bike accessories, should weigh no more than 20kg - well under the 23kg baggage allowance for most flights within Australia.  

What if I need to cancel my booking?

We offer full refunds for cancellations that are made 7 days before the start of your booking. 

What if I need to extend my booking?

Please contact us by emailing info@travelo.net.au and we'll give you a quote for the extra days. 

Another question?

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