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Flying interstate? Here’s the low-down on domestic airline baggage requirements.

Flying interstate with your bike is super easy! All Australian airlines will happily let you check-in your bike as standard luggage, you just need to comply with the airline’s weight requirements.

As a general rule, the maximum weight of a single item cannot be more than 32kg. However, you shouldn’t have any trouble with this! A TraVelo bike travel  bag, packed with a 9kg road bike and bike accessories (such as helmet, shoes, water bottles, etc) weighs approximately 21kg's - well within the included baggage allowances. 

In a nutshell…


Included baggage

Excess baggage charges


There is a $30 charge if your bag is more than 23kg. Click here for full details.


If you expect to exceed 23kg you can purchase an excess baggage allowance for $30 (purchased in advance) or $40 (purchased at airport). Click here for full details.

Up to 40kg

Baggage needs to be purchased in advance and ranges from $18.50 for 15kg to $45 for 40kg. Click here for full details.

Up to 40kg

There is a fee for flying with ‘sports equipment’ which is $60 for flights less then 1h45min and $80 for flights more than 1h45min. Click here for full details.


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